The DEN SmartStrike is an official CES Innovation Awards 2021 Honoree! Visit our honoree page and register at to schedule a meeting for more information!

Innovation awards 2021

Invisible installation

DEN’s Smart Strike can be installed into your current frame. With the Strike being invisible, nobody knows your door is smart.


Your door remains closed

Intalling our Integrated Strike means your door will be fail-safe at all times. Our smart solution only grants access upon your request.


User-friendly system

Connect the Integrated Strike to your smartphone and DEN’s user-friendly system ensures you are always safe.

The DEN Smart Strike can be installed into every single door frame

The connection between the invisible DEN Integrated Strike and the user friendly, secure smartphone app ensures your safety at all times.

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Maximum security

DEN’s Integrated Strike is an electric strike with smartly designed software. This innovative product is able to communicate with any mobile device using Bluetooth LE and Z-wave. It’s built into your doorframe invisibly, which makes it exponentially more difficult to bypass. The communication between the DEN Strike and the system’s server is asymmetrically encrypted in the safest way.

DEN Integrated Strike: The fail-safe lock

After installing your DEN Smart Solution, opening and closing your door becomes virtually inaudible and you’re always able to enter, as our solution is built with fail-safe options. In case of a power outage there is no need to worry. All DEN solutions are equipped with battery packs that serve as emergency generators. Is power not the problem, but did you forget your phone? You can always open your door with somebody else's phone or the mechanical key.

*We want to partner up with smart home solution companies in the future to
make your home as safe as it can be.

Give and grant access remotely

With DEN you don't have to worry about what happens to your parcels when you're away from home. Simply installing the smart lock enables you to open your door to parcel deliveries, family and public services without being inside or near your house.

Safely open up to care takers

You don’t have to worry any longer about your family members receiving the care they need. DEN's integration with home care, nurses and public services allows us to take care of our loved ones when we're not there.

Together we can run the
next smart home solution

We look for startups, partners and third party products to build a strong ecosystem

From delivery and service companies to caretakers and public services. DEN has made it absolutely easy to join its ecosystem. Every company with the purpose of delivering or executing a service in one’s home can use the solution.

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