Secure remote access

Whether you want to enter your home or give access to a third party; you can easily lock and unlock your door from every location with your smartphone.


Camera & Speaker

Create a safe environment around your home. By connecting a camera and speaker to our solution, you always know who's in and around your house.


Third party ecosystem

DEN’s integrated services and third parties products make sure every delivery can be done and every service can be executed in your home.

DEN Smart Home has the ability to be installed into every single door

Always wonder what happens to your parcels when you’re away? With DEN you don’t have to worry about this any longer. Simply installing the smart lock enables you to open your door to parcel deliveries, family and public services without being at home.

See how it works

Integrating DEN inside your door lock

You don’t have to carry around keys any longer or stay at home to wait for a parcel. Sounds great, right? DEN’s easy solution connects with your smartphone and lets you lock and unlock the door remotely.

The solution easily fits into the lock of your door; this means you don’t have to deal with fitting a new lock or assembling it onto your door.

Keeping safety in mind

Create a DEN of Security around your home by adding a microphone at your door and one or multiple camera’s around the house. This way you always know who's asking permission to enter before you open the door with your smartphone.

With these safety measures, you don’t have to worry about strangers infringing the safe and sound environment of your home.

Connecting our future service

Thanks to an infrastructure that easily communicates with both homeowners and third party services, you can open the door to
deliverers and services with the DEN mobile app.

Not expecting anyone? The door will remain locked. Only you can grant access with the app to keep unwanted guests out of the house.

*We want to partner up with smart home solution companies in the future to
make your home as safe as it can be.

Give and grant access remotely

With DEN you don't have to worry about what happens to your parcels when you're away from home. Simply installing the smart lock enables you to open your door to parcel deliveries, family and public services without being inside or near your house.

Safely open up to care takers

You don’t have to worry any longer about your family members receiving the care they need. DEN's integration with home care, nurses and public services allows us to take care of our loved ones when we're not there.

Together we can run the
next smart home solution

We look for startups, partners and third party products to build a strong ecosystem

From delivery and service companies to caretakers and public services. DEN has made it absolutely easy to join its ecosystem. Every company with the purpose of delivering or executing a service in one’s home can use the solution.

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